Light weight concrete, such as cellular concrete is becoming more popular every day among traditional construction materials. Due to its unique properties, diverse lite concrete varieties are being widely used for thermal and acoustic insulation in roofs and ceilings of every kind of edification and residence.

We have identified a lack for adequate, competitive and efficient machinery for the production of cellular concrete and as a result, Protrail has developed a new plant for mixing cellular concrete at the job site (in-situ). The design of this plant took place in the state of Florida (US), where the needs and demands for efficient thermal insulation are considerable. Moreover, the experience and level of usage of cellular concrete for such applications in this state is probably at a greater level than in other states of the country.

After months of hard work and efforts, Protrail has delivered a reliable and productive machine following its vision and mission for designing and manufacturing efficient and versatile equipment for construction. We proudly present our new Plant for Cellular Concrete, JUL-5000.


Plant for producing Cellular Concrete - Lightweight concrete.
Installed on a trailer for transportation (Portable - Mobile)
Production Capacity/Rate
Up to 40 cubic yards per hour.
Cement Storage
Integrated Cement Silo with capacity for 60000 lbs of Cement.
120 HP, Turbocharged Diesel Motor.
Mixture Adjustment
Additive Deposit.
High performance foam generator.
Additive Foam Production
Installed on trailer for transportation Full Hydraulic Functioning
1 Cubic Yard Mixer
Other Characteristics
Installed on trailer for transportation
Full hydraulic functioning.